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This is random venting....

I hate when we have lunch meetings and my boss orders pizza and buys cokes that aren't diet.  He bugs me soooo much, not just for the food thing but just in general.  I work in the fashion industry and he doesn't understand that models drink diet coke because they can't get fat.  I'm not a model but i work with them all  the time and I am trying to get down to a size that isn't fat.  uggggh.


I've been keeping an eye on this community for a while, and it's been fairly quiet with little to no sign of picking up -- being a "newish" nike plus user and someone that *NEEDS* support to make it through (plus my personal journal has been flooded with this stuff - better to isolate it to a separate voluntary group!) I opted to make a group based on my two newest favorite things

Nike Plus and The Daily Plate :)

Anyway, normally I hate people that make these kinds of posts in communities, but this one's sadly been quiet for a bit. Anyone is welcome to join -- and the moderators here are welcome to let me know and be moderators on my side fo the fence too if they'd like!!

Feel free to delete my post if it's out of line! This is the new community Feel free to join!!

Can someone make a TDP RSS feed?

My Paid Acct just expired. :(

I'm wondering if any of you have a paid acct that can make an RSS feed for TDP titled "TheDailyPlate"- it's located here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheDailyPlate

I figured others of you might want a feed of TDP news as well.

FAQ: How do I watch feeds on my Friends list? What are syndicated accounts? if you don't know how! ;)

Thanks in advance to anyone that can do this!

Intro Survey



Username on TDP:
bambier  -- please feel free to friend me, I'm friend-less!!

How long have you been on TDP?
Since August of '07, but I went on a hiatus until today. 

What do you love about TDP?
It's easy to use, free and holds me accountable.  I pay so much more attention to what I'm putting in my body when I know I'm going to have to log it online later!

How has TDP helped you?
I learned quickly that I only eat when I'm bored, I also learned that my big problem is that I don't eat often enough.  It also showed me that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it and stick with it!

I'm currently at 195, and am starting with a goal weight of 140, but I'd really like an ultimate goal weight of 125.  Don't want to be too dramatic yet!


Other Random Info:  None of my friends on my journal currently are working to lose weight -- I'd love new friends on LJ as well as on the daily plate. 

An end to something bad...hopefully.

Dear Fat Self,

You are out of control. Your eating habits must go back to being GOOD because THAT is how you lost 15 lbs. Eating out TWICE in one day is SO WRONG. DON'T DO IT ANYMORE. TOMORROW, get your sorry ass to the gym, work your butt into the ground, and then do it again on Sunday. AND MONDAY AND TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY AND FRIDAY.


Smarter Self

I never did my intro survey! Oops!

Name: Andrea J.
Gender: somewhere between E and G
Username on TDP: ajdeeelite
How long have you been on TDP? Since January
What do you love about TDP? I like being part of a community of people who are struggling with many of the things I'm struggling with. I've met so many lovely people!
How has TDP helped you? I've gained so much knowledge about health, nutrition, and fitness through members and other resources they've recommended. And I've been introduced to some great recipes.
Goals: My ultimate goal is to weigh 123, have super muscles, and run a 5K.


Hi everyone! I just added "the daily plate" to my interests and discovered this community. I'm usually reading lj when I'm not reading TDP, so it seems natural to add this to my flist.

Name: Emily

Gender: Lady

Username on TDP: emilylime (I know...creative!)

How long have you been on TDP? Joined April 13, 2008

What do you love about TDP? Ease of finding/adding items. Nice people to celebrate and/or commiserate with.

How has TDP helped you? Reminds me I'm not hungry when I'm just bored, tired, thirsty, etc. Helps me remember to eat all the fruits and veggies before they go bad. I've lost 15 lbs so far...

Goals: I'd like to see the 190s again... we'll see how I feel about extending the goal when I get there.

Sorry, no photos today ;D

I occasionally post "friends only" in my own journal, but not all the time. Feel free to add me if you like.

Intro Post

Name: Ali
Gender: F
Username on TDP: aligator13
How long have you been on TDP? about a week and a half
What do you love about TDP? It really makes me aware of how much I am eating
How has TDP helped you? so far I'm down 3 lbs!
Goals: lose a total of 10 lbs by my wedding in November!

Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I am getting married on 11-8-08. I can’t wait, but I would love lose 10 lbs by then. To do this I am going the cutting calories/exercising regularly that WW taught me (but without paying for it every week) by using TDP. I have PCOS which may make it harder for me but I’m hopeful. Glad to know there is a lot of support out there!
Name: Jessica
Gender: last time i checked... female
Username on TDP: jessakill

How long have you been on TDP?
2 days (and loving it!)
What do you love about TDP? I've always wished something like this existed... Was so happy to run across it while search for caloric content of pho on google. It's exactly what I need - something to keep track for me b/c i'm clueless when it comes to counting and adding up calories.

How has TDP helped you?
It's helping me to know the true limitations of what I can and can't eat, and how much of it instead of rough guesswork.

Goals: 135 lbs - that's 27 lbs lighter than i am at present... *posts my nifty ticker*


photos behind the cut...Collapse )

Apr. 2nd, 2008

Name: Manhattan
Gender: Female
Username on TDP: Manhattan
How long have you been on TDP? Since February 2008
What do you love about TDP? Complete Database/Nutritional Information/Ease of Logging
How has TDP helped you? Losing weight, better understanding of what I have been putting in my body in a complete sense.
Goals: To weigh 160lbs
Photos: Please see live journal blog. 

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This is a LiveJournal Community for members of www.thedailyplate.com to hang out on LiveJournal and discuss dieting, weightloss, daily life and whatever else and get to know each other better.

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