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achieving and setting goals... (x-posted)

Today after Easter lunch I set my weekly goals. This is a new thing I'm trying. Setting goals for myself. And they can be simple like , taking my vitamin every day. So this weeks goals...

-No fast food
-No Soda (which I almost slipped on today already! LOL)
-Establish a workout routine
-take my vitamin everyday

Simple, but its good to try and set and keep goals. 

Tuesday is my Dr. appt. I'm going to take my food log and tell her how much weight I have lost this year. I'm going to weigh myself before I go so i can compare her scale to mine at home. It seems home scales are always different than at the dr's. But I am also fairly certaine those things are not calobrated as often as they should be at a dr's office. 

Speaking of scales though, I snuk onto mine today after lunch, before I took a nap before work (Even though I don't weigh in until the first). I don't know why i felt I needed to but I did. And it read 295. That's a very significant number to me for two reasons. 1. I remember how I reacted the first time I ever saw that number when I was a freshman in highschool. 2. it means I reached my new years resolution of losing 25lbs this year.  

When I was freshman in highschool I was already overweight, and had yet to get my period. My mother took me to the doctor because she was affraid I was having the same issues my sister did. (Her ovaries, at the age of 16 were the size of an 8y/o.) Well he put me on the scale and for the first time I saw that 295 and I wanted to cry. I wasn't suppoed to be that heavy. I wasn't supposed to be fat. I had denied it for so long up until then listening to the taunting and teasing since fifth grade. They were supposed to be wrong. I was supposed to be normal. But there it was on that slide scale. Those number staring me in the face and crushing my chest into a fine powder. Today when I read that number I thought about how far I have come since that day. How I have gone beyond there and now returned to "the beginging" so to speak.  I was happy, I was proud and it's re-enforced my beliefe in myself and that this time it'll work. Things will work and I will win this war I have been waging for so very very long. 

People noticing again...

So I went to a BBQ this afternoon for one of the girls I work with Birthday. As I was leaving she said, "wow it looks like you've lost even more weight over break." Indeed I have about 4 pounds over break -- which is acurate for my 2 pounds per week goal. I probably could have lost more but i've been a bit of a slack lately with the walking and all.

I also put a pair of jean shorts on today that was a size 13 and they fit. That was exciting to me since back in November I purchased 2 pairs of jeans that were size 17. A lot of my clothes is starting to not fit, I'm enjoying it but at the same time I'm not because I am having less and less clothes that I can actually wear.

Good luck all!

Kinda quiet out there...

Everybody doin ok? 

I'm doin good except for the fact that the snow won't stop and impeads the walking. Darn snow. BUT I have two work out DVDs next up on my netflix list so I'll get to try those out soon! ^_^

Be well everyone! 
 So in my boredom, I made a poster to hang on my wall in hopes of giving me encouragement and what not. I'll try to describe it and eventually I will try to post a picture of it.

Along the top is a color coded BMI line for my height. It starts at where I WAS and goes to the "Ideal". Every time I drop another number I will cross it off so I can physically see that progress.
On the far left, is a list of my weigh in days and my weights thus far. And of corse blanks spots to fill in when I weigh in again. (the first of each month)
In the middle are three colomns, two columns wide. For the date and one for distance. So I can record the day and how far I walked that day. Lots of spaces for that.
And on the far right is a chart to enter my measurements on. I just started doing the measurements this month. So I put those down and left the spots for the next months to come. 

As for today...well I think this will be the morning I begin my walking.

after a weekend away...

 I was sick all weekend. I'm still sick frankly. But it could be a lot worse. It hasn't really affected my appietite, despite its plugging my nose. Aside from that I have decided to go to the store tomorrow and look for new sneakers. Mine currently are beyond dead. And I really need to start adding a walking regimine. Once or twice a week at first then add on extra days. I am excited, yet lament this desision. I hate walking alone and I don't really have any friends in my area. When I lived with my dad and step-mom in Dallas, I used to walk his dog once or twice a week on my days off. The dog seemed to like it and I know I did. I would ask my boyfriend to come with me, and bless him, I know he would if he could. But I'm not going to ask him to rescedual his entire day just so he can walk with me after work (I get off work at 7AM when most people are begining his day and he is doing school work). So i am going to go this one alone. Granted I might ask him to come with if I start walking on Saturday's. He's almost always at my place come Saturday morning. Its times like this I wish more and more I could afford a treadmill, or that my complex had a workout room. But its ok. There is a park on my drive home from work that has a walking path. I'm almost certaine it's melted by now. I can bring a change of clothes in my work bag and my sneakers and change before I leave. And just stop by on the way home. That will wear me down even more before bed. I had a friend suggest I join my local YMCA but I just can't afford that right now. Not with trying to save up for a car and trying to save up to move to a different apartment. 

Sorry this is sort of rambling. 

I also finally saw "Super Size Me." I was nearly sick three times. It made me go back through my calorie log I keep with me and highlight all the times I ate fast food since January. Apparently, I eat fast food sometimes twice a week. My worst week being the second week of February where i ate chips a lot, davanni's twice and mcdonalds one. Its outrageous! So I made a pact with myself. Fast food only ONCE a week, if at all. And I'm cutting out the last of what soda a do have. I used to be a masive soda junkie in Highschool. I would go through a 24pack in three days. Finally my mother said I had to cut back and make it last a week or she was never going to buy me soda again. I took it a step further and stopped cold turkey. Believe me it was a chore. But this should be greatly easier considering that all I have to battle is my own laziness. 

Here's hoping...

One Condition

Became brave and found a one-piece swim suit to take advantage of my new gym membership and the pool it comes with.  It's pretty dangerous itself.  I'm excited with how I'll look in it a few months down the road.  I started the third week of TDP yesterday and called it a reward for logging in and tracking both exercise and food for each day straight.  The pool itself is pretty warm.  I did four laps of legs and three of arms to condition myself for the breaststroke again.  I realized why I was asked to join the school's team when I did my arms.  I used to be really strong at it!  The first few arm laps I really had to work to pull myself.  Spent some time in the sauna and discussed learning English and Spanish with one of the other members.  (One more thing I've been trying to do.)  I also had a chance to show a couple how to use the stretch equipment.  My old Union Bay jeans are starting to fit right again.  The mirror is not yet my friend, but it will be.

Hi =]

Name: Heather
Gender: Female
Username on TDP: thin_ambition92
How long have you been on TDP? Since around... August '07, I think..?
What do you love about TDP? Being able to see everything displayed so clearly, all the exact totals, charts, etc. I also love the forums and people.
How has TDP helped you? I'm recovering from an eating disorder and I do so well when I'm tracking everything on TDP. I'm really trying to eat more and get a lot of protein, fiber, etc. at the moment and the support from the community is amazing. It really makes me WANT to get healthy and recover. I've also learned so much from the forum discussions.
Goals: To continue in my recovery, focus on eating mostly wholesome/healthy stuff, eating small amounts every couple of hours, and to keep my life/eating balanced.

Weekly Weigh-In

Whoo hoo!! I love the gym.  Time to extend that free trial to full membership!  Is it odd to think of these as stats? :)

Starting Weight: 180
Lowest Weight on TDP: 178.7
Current Weight: 180.7

Chest: 34'' Down .5''
<b>Butt: 42.8'' Down 2.7''</b>
Hips: 41''
Neck: 12.25'' Down 1.75''
Thigh: 23.25'' Down .5''
<b>Waist: 34.5'' Down 3''</b>

I'm not worried about the weight since it's either the extra water I drank yesterday or the muscle I've gained in the past two weeks.  Probably both!  However, the tape measurer isn't lying.  My efforts are paying off!


As of two days ago my weight hasn't gone down, but I wasn't surprised.  I've been doing so much to build my muscles back up and a lot of cardio.  A co-worker gave me a retractable measuring tape that works like the cloth ones, only it's easier to carry around.  Out of curiosity, I re-measured everything and even added my butt to the equation.  One to three inches in every area!  It's no wonder my dress pants were falling off.  Almost time to take another trip to Vanity for new jeans!

oh man...

I want Davanni's....Davanni's and sleep. 


the curse of the over night worker. Midnight cravings and being awake for them. LOL

that and the delrium.

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