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for The Daily Plate members to talk on LiveJournal

Welcome to The The Daily Plate Lounge community on LiveJournal!

This is a community for members of The Daily Plate to talk on LiveJournal.

Some Rules

  • Posts can be at least somewhat diet/weight loss related, or daily life issues... or way cool!

  • Please use LJ cut for really really long posts or lots of pictures.

  • Please do not post negative comments to others. If you don't agree with the community, then leave!

  • Please remember that we are all dealing with different weight-related issues. Some may be dealing with trying to overcome binge-eating or compulsive overeating, others may be dealing with health issues or medications that resulted in weight gain, some members may be dealing with eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Orthorexia, or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS) but all of us are struggling with weight related issues. Please be respectful of each others struggles.

  • Moderator has the right to ban anyone who causes trouble. don't be that person. :)

Have fun and enjoy getting to know each other better! :)

When you join please answer this survey:

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If you're not on The Daily Plate and looking for a way to help with weight loss, here is Things You Can Do On The Daily Plate:(as a free member)

  • create a food journal

  • search for foods you eat and have it automatically fill out nutrition info

  • keep track of calories burned

  • search through dozens of physical fitness activities and find out how many calories they burn per hour based on your weight

  • track your weight on a chart

  • watch your bmi drop on the chart

  • track your measurements on a chart (if you aren't familiar with measuring yourself here is a good article from about.com: 4 Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Progress).

  • set calorie goals

  • write in your diary

  • join message boards/forums

  • join groups (and create your own)

  • make friends

  • and plenty more!

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