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Name: Jessica
Gender: last time i checked... female
Username on TDP: jessakill

How long have you been on TDP?
2 days (and loving it!)
What do you love about TDP? I've always wished something like this existed... Was so happy to run across it while search for caloric content of pho on google. It's exactly what I need - something to keep track for me b/c i'm clueless when it comes to counting and adding up calories.

How has TDP helped you?
It's helping me to know the true limitations of what I can and can't eat, and how much of it instead of rough guesswork.

Goals: 135 lbs - that's 27 lbs lighter than i am at present... *posts my nifty ticker*


I like this one b/c i think it actually looks like me on a typical weekend night out... despite the crappy cell phone quality.

and this one i loathe the stupid look on my face... but it's the most recent... my 30th birthday last month... at 168 lbs (6 lbs heavier than i am as i type this)

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